Types of configurations

The configuration is the way antfarms and arenas are connected to each other. It is also the way the arena and the antfarm are made escape-proof and safe. There are two main ways of connecting and two main ways of securing, which can be combined in any way:


  • Direct-The antfarm is part of the arena. The way I use.
    • Pros:Since antfarm and arena are managed together, they are easier to secure and more comfortable for the ants.
    • Cons:It is quite difficult to connect it to other arenas and antfarms.
  • Using tubes-Antfarms and arenas are connected with tubes.
    • Pros:It is very easy to connect as many antfarms and arenas as you want.
    • Cons:You have to secure each of them separately. Not so good for ants.
  • Using water:The anthill is secured by a space of water. There are two ways to do this:
    • Making islands-The antfarm and the arena stay on a watertight pedestal, which stays partly under water. The material the pedestalt is made of should be comfortable for the ants - they should not slip on it and fall in the water. This is the type I use.
      • Pros:Very easy to make.
      • Cons:There are not any.
    • Using "foss":There is a foss full of water thightly glued to the walls of the arena.
      • Pros:There are not any.
      • Cons:Very difficult to make. Ants do not like arenas with walls.

  • Using a roof:The arena should be with high walls. This type is usually used with an antfarm-terrarium. There are two types:
    • With a "whole" roof-You put a lid on the aquarium. Ants can eat through most types of nets, so you should not use a net.
      • Pros:There are not any.
      • Cons:Difficult to make. Problems with ventilation (the air gets stuggy and smells badly). Ants do not like walls.
    • With "eaves"-There are eaves pointing the middle of the antfarm on the top edge of the aquarium. The down side of the eaves should be powdered with talcum, so that ants can not escape (ants can climb on moist surfaces, If the surface is dry they fall).
      • Pros:In comparison to the whole roof - smaller ventilation problems. Otherwise - there are not any.
      • Cons:Difficult to make. Ants do not like walls.