Useful tools

When petting ants at home, one needs a number of tools. Most of them are very common and easy to find. However, there are some, that can not be found in shops, but they are simple enought, so that one can make them himself at home.

  • Syringe:A syringe is extremely useful. It can be used for moistening the antfarm, as well as for giving the ants "Ant jelly". It would be really good if it is equiped with a special hollow needle so you can reach hardly accessible places.

  • Tweezers:When working with such small things, it is always useful to have tweezers.

  • Aspirator:This is a tool, invented by ant lovers. It is extremely useful and every ant lover should have one. It is very easy to make. You need:
    • A piece of tubule (transparent, if possible) with inner diameter of about 7-8 mm and length of about 6-7 cm.
    • A piece of tubule with an outer diameter, so that it can tightly fit in the other tubule (or the other should fit in this one) and length of about 2-3 sm.
    • Net-I use a small piece of tights.
    How to make it: Put one of the tubule, so that it tightly fits in the other and put the net, so that it blocks the connection between them. The aspirator is used for catching ants. Put the long tubule above the ant and suck strongly and sharply from the other end. Thanks to the net, the ant will not get in your mouth. Warning: When you suck an ant, it usually secretes form, which gets in the throat and causes coughing. In addition, if use suck an ant from the ground, small pieces of sand may get in your throat.

    1.Short tubule 2.Net 3.Long tubule.